We do not accept court bookings during drop-in hours; groups of eight or more players may book a court for two hours between 10AM and 12PM on Saturdays and Sundays or between 12PM and 7:30PM on holiday Mondays by phoning the club at least one day in advance. Each player will be charged our regular drop-in fee; if fewer than eight players arrive at the time of the booking, the group will be responsible to pay the cost of eight drop-in fees. Drop-in etiquette will apply after the booking has expired or when drop-in hours begin.

Drop-in Court Etiquette

After one 21-point game (one complete set) each court will be vacated for players waiting in line. If more than four players are waiting to play, singles play is expressly forbidden.


Drop-in Fees:

$10 per person, for all ages

 Multiple Entry Cards:

11 Entries              $100
31 Entries             $250 

Entry cards will be endorsed at the reception desk for each visit.  Patrons should note that drop-in is for the whole day and not per hour.

 Private Lesson Fees:

Private lesson for one person:                   $75/hour

Private lesson for two people:                    $100/hour

Private lesson for three or more people:    $120/hour


Court Booking Protocol

(403) 306-0001  |  info@edisonbadminton.ca